Hannah the Hanukkah Hero – Includes Hardcover Book


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Includes Hardcover Book.

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Unleash your inner Hanukkah Hero.
Hannah Maccabee is mad! Her cousins have gone off to face the Greeks and defend the Jewish people, and defend the Jewish people. Her father, Jacob, struck out days ago to find more oil… meanwhile she’s sitting at the Great Temple not allowed to help. Luckily Hannah is smart, strong, and has a heart filled with love. Nothing can stand in her way and the world is about to find that out!

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“Hannah’s story is a wonderful inspiration to our daughters, and the book has been read countless times already.”
– Sarah Becker

“Hannah’s the kind of doll you’re actually proud to give your kids.”
– Simon Geller

“Jewish girls rule! So happy that there’s a toy I can give my nieces to teach them just how tough and awesome they are.”
– Abby Kaplan

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