What is a Mensch?

Mensch is a Yiddish word to describe an honorable person who always does the right thing. It’s what we strive to be and embodies the qualities we preach to our children. As a way to create a sense of unity amongst Jews during the holiday season, the Mensch on a Bench started as a way to bring more Funukkah to Hanukkah. Demonstrating strength, kindness, courage and wisdom, each member of our growing family represents the Jewish values we’re proud to embrace.

Meet The Mishpacha

Moshe the Mensch

It all started with a mensch—Moshe the Mensch, to be exact. Filled with infinite wisdom and plenty of lovable quirks, Moshe is here to help bring the family together for Hanukkah.

Ask Bubbe

Ready with all of the advice—and guilt—of a real Jewish grandmother, Bubbe can’t wait to spend the holidays with you. Ask her anything, but beware, she may give you grief about why you never call.

Hannah the Hanukkah Hero

Filled with kindness, courage, intelligence and strength, Hannah is here to show you what it means to be a Hanukkah Hero. Discover her amazing story the whole family will enjoy and unleash your own inner Hanukkah Hero.

Dreidel Dog

Meet Mensch’s best friend, Dreidel Dog! Whether its Hanukkah or time for a Bark Mitzvah, this cuddly, dreidel-spotted Dalmatian is the perfect gift. Plus, his special bandana even has a secret pocket to hold your dreidel!

What To Do With Your Mensch

Watching over the Menorah all night can make Moshe feel sore, so be sure to move him around the house every day! He loves to eat latkes and play dreidel, and is certainly not camera shy, so share your photos with us using #MenschOnABench.

Get Your Mensch Off The Bench!

Mensch Ideas

This Hanukkah, get creative with your Mensch family. From getting them to help with the cooking, to teaching their friends how to play dreidel, there’s no a shortage of ways to add more Funukkah to your Hanukkah.